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 Good Day Everyone, I am updating and going to start regularly posting to this board soon. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards,  Caroline The Energetic Wholeness Coach
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The Decision to Change So we come to the point where life is no longer working for us.   We are serious about making a real change. We have decided we want to lose weight, we want a loving relationship, we want a better job, we want more money, we want better health, and more. We charge out and buy the books, create New Year’s resolutions, get the personal trainer, create goals, write down ideas, take the trainings and more. We are filled with motivation, inspiration and new found conviction. Why is it that within a week or two most of us are right back where we started. We have to look at life as a number of decisions, every day we are deciding, we decide who to believe, what truth to take on, what job to take, what relationship we say yes/no to, how we act, who we like, what food to eat and even who we chose to be. We have to decide how important and how badly we want the change we are longing for then we need to break it down and piece by piece we need to replace bad