We spend so much of our time and energy trying not to change, for most of us change means stepping into the unknown and leaving someone or something behind.  It means venturing outside our comfort zone and this can be a scary thing, especially when the change that we are going through is out of our control.

Change can cause one to experience a number of negative emotions, mostly fear, then sadness and even anger.  It can create confusion and unbalance in our lives.  In truth, we are so busy looking at the negative impact of change that we miss the fact that change is good for us.  Change is an unavoidable part of being alive, life is movement which leads to change, change allows us to express and expand aiming for a harmonized life. The trick is to not try and avoid change but create change.
It is interesting to think that some of the worst moments in our lives are often also the best things that could have happened to us.  We must understand that a certain amount of fear is going to accompany change but that should not stop us from embracing it, you are not going to stop change from happening simply by not making any changes for yourself, all you will do is stop change from happening the way you want it to.

What we need to do is change the way we deal with change.  We need to understand that our mind holds us to what it has survived.  Most people rather live in a known hell rather than an unknown heaven, this is what the mind knows, this is the comfort zone, and we cannot reach our potential here. Change is like an alarm indicating that something is not working and the universe is looking to put us back on track to where we need to go.  

In parting I leave with a simple thought, we perceive everything around us as good or bad based on what we know, how we judge events , things people tell us, things we tell others etc, everything is made up anyway, why not paint a beautiful picture instead of fearing a future disaster. I learned a saying that works very well here, “There is no out there out there, and there is only in here looking out there, making stuff up.”  So what stuff are you making up?

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Caroline Kastner


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